Joint papers of Garti and Shelah

GaSh:878 2007-03-19 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0512217]
Garti+Shelah, On ${\rm DEPTH}$ and ${\rm DEPTH}^+$ of Boolean Algebras -- Algebra Universalis 58 (2008) 243-248
GaSh:891 2007-07-25 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0612247]
Garti+Shelah, Two cardinal models for singular $\mu$ -- Math Logic Quarterly 53 (2007) 636-641
GaSh:911 2009-12-29 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, Depth of Boolean Algebras -- Notre Dame J Formal Logic 52 (2011) 307-314
GaSh:949 2011-12-02 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, A strong polarized relation -- J Symbolic Logic 77 (2012) 766-776
GaSh:956 2010-11-01 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, $(\kappa, \theta)$-weak normality -- J Math Soc of Japan 64 (2012) 549-559
GaSh:962 2012-06-24 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, Combinatorial aspects of the splitting number -- Annals Combinatorics 16 (2012) 709-717
GaSh:964 2012-01-11 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, Strong polarized relations for the continuum -- Annals Combinatorics 16 (2012) 271-276
GaSh:974 2017-04-30 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, ${\rm DEPTH}^+$ and ${\rm LENGTH}^+$ of Boolean Algebras
GaSh:995 2012-11-27 [pdf] [ps]
Garti+Shelah, Partition calculus and cardinal invariants -- J Math Soc of Japan (JMSJ) 66 (2014) 425-434
GaSh:1002 2012-02-03 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, The ultrafilter number for singular cardinals -- Acta Math Hungarica 137 (2012) 296-301
GaSh:1012 2015-10-19 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Garti+Shelah, Open and solved problems concerning polarized partition relations -- Fundamenta Math 234 (2016) 14pps
GaMaSh:1040 2016-01-07 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1601.01409]
Garti+Magidor+Shelah, On the spectrum of characters of ultrafilters
GaSh:1047 2017-06-26 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1609.00242]
Garti+Shelah, How you are with $\mathfrak{s}$ and $\mathfrak{r}$
GaHaSh:1083 2016-05-29 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1601.07745]
Garti+Hayut+Shelah, On the verge of inconsistency: Magidor Cardinals and Magidor Filters -- Israel J Math 220 (2017) 89-102
Garti+Shelah, Double weakness
GaSh:1128 [abstract] [arXiv:1804.05304]
Garti+Shelah, Length and Depth
GaSh:1143 [abstract] [arXiv:arXiv:1806.09286]
Garti+Shelah, Are you aleph omega?

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