Joint papers of Horowitz and Shelah

HwSh:1067 2016-10-25 [pdf] [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Saccharinity with ccc
Horowitz+Shelah, A Borel maximal eventually different family
Horowitz+Shelah, Can you take Tornquist's inaccessible away?
HwSh:1093 [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Maximal independent sets in Borel graphs and large cardinals
HwSh:1094 [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Solovay's inaccessible over a weak set theory without choice
HwSh:1095 [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, A Borel maximal cofinitary group
HwSh:1097 [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, On the classification of definable ccc forcing notions
HwSh:1103 2017-01-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Mad families and non-meager filters
HwSh:1113 [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Madness and regularity properties

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