Joint papers of Kaplan and Shelah

KpSh:882 2009-07-19 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0606216]
Kaplan+Shelah, The automorphism tower of a centerless group without choice -- Archive for Math Logic 48 (2009) 799-815
KpSh:913 2011-11-20 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah, Automorphism towers and automorphism groups of fields without choice -- Contemporary Math 576 (2012) 187-203
KpSh:946 2013-07-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah, Examples in dependent theories -- J Symbolic Logic 49 (2014) 585-619
KpSh:975 2013-06-02 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah, A dependent theory with few indiscernibles -- Israel J Math accepted (2014) 45 pps.
KpSh:993 2012-08-06 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah, Chain conditions in dependent groups -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 164 (2013) 1322-1337
CeKpSh:1007 [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1205.3101]
Chernikov+Kaplan+Shelah, On non-forking spectra -- J European Math Soc 18 (2016) 2821-2848
KpSh:1054 [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah, Forcing a countable structure to belong to the ground model -- Math Logic Quarterly 62 (2016) 530-546
KpLaSh:1055 [abstract]
Kaplan+Lavi+Shelah, The generic pair conjecture for dependent finite diagrams -- Israel J Math 212 (2016) 259-287
KpShSi:1074 [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah+Simon, Exact saturation in simple and NIP theories -- J Math Logic 17 (2017) 18 pps
KpSh:1082 [abstract]
Kaplan+Shelah, Decidability and classification of the theory of integers with primes
KpRaSh:1118 [abstract]
Kaplan+Ramsey+Shelah, Local character of Kim-independence

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