Not collapsing cardinals $\leq\kappa$ in $(<\kappa)$--support iterations

by Shelah. [Sh:587]
Israel J Math, 2003
We deal with the problem of preserving various versions of completeness in (< kappa) --support iterations of forcing notions, generalizing the case ``S --complete proper is preserved by CS iterations for a stationary co-stationary S subseteq omega_1''. We give applications to Uniformization and the Whitehead problem. In particular, for a strongly inaccessible cardinal kappa and a stationary set S subseteq kappa with fat complement we can have uniformization for < A_delta : delta in S'>, A_delta subseteq delta = sup A_delta, cf(delta)=otp(A_delta) and a stationary non-reflecting set S' subseteq S .

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