More on cardinal invariants of Boolean algebras

by Roslanowski and Shelah. [RoSh:599]
Annals Pure and Applied Logic, 2000
We address several questions of Donald Monk related to irredundance and spread of Boolean algebras, gaining both some ZFC knowledge and consistency results. We show in ZFC that irr(B_0 x B_1)= max {irr(B_0),irr(B_1)} . We prove consistency of the statement ``there is a Boolean algebra B such that irr(B)< s(B otimes B)'' and we force a superatomic Boolean algebra B_* such that s(B_*)=inc(B_*)= kappa, irr(B_*)=Id(B_*)= kappa^+ and Sub(B_*)=2^{kappa^+} . Next we force a superatomic algebra B_0 such that irr(B_0)< inc(B_0) and a superatomic algebra B_1 such that t(B_1)> Aut (B_1) . Finally we show that consistently there is a Boolean algebra B of size lambda such that there is no free sequence in B of length lambda, there is an ultrafilter of tightness lambda (so t(B)= lambda) and lambda notin Depth_Hs (B) .

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