Non-structure in $\lambda^{++}$ using instances of WGCH

by Shelah. [Sh:838]

Here we try to redo, improve and continue the non-structure parts in some works on a.e.c., which uses weak diamond, in lambda^+ and lambda^{++}

getting better and more results and do what is necessary for the book on a.e.c. So we rework and improve non-structure proofs from [Sh:87b, section 6], [Sh:88r] (or [Sh:88]), [Sh:E46], (or [Sh:576], [Sh:603]) and fulfill promises from [Sh:88r], [Sh:600], [Sh:705]. Comparing with [Sh:576] we make the context closer to the examples, hence hopefully improve transparency, though losing some generality. Toward this we work also on the positive theory, i.e. structure side of ``low frameworks'' like almost good lambda-frames.

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