On topological properties of ultraproducts of finite sets

by Sagi and Shelah. [SaSh:841]
Math Logic Quarterly, 2005
Motivated by the model theory of higher order logics, a certain kind of topological spaces had been introduced on ultraproducts. These spaces are called ultratopologies. Ultratopologies provide a natural extra topological structure for ultraproducts and using this extra structure some preservation and characterization theorems had been obtained for higher order logics. The purely topological properties of ultratopologies seem interesting on their own right. Here we present the solutions of two problems of Gerlits and Sagi. More concretely we show that (1) there are sequences of finite sets of pairwise different cardinality such that in their certain ultraproducts there are homeomorphic ultratopologies and (2) one can always find a dense set in an ultratopology whose cardinality is strictly smaller than the cardinality of the ultraproduct, provided that the factors of the corresponding ultraproduct are finite.

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