More on regular reduced products

by Kennedy and Shelah. [KeSh:852]
J Symbolic Logic, 2004
The authors show, by means of a finitary version square^{fin}_{lambda,D} of the combinatorial principle square^{b^*}_{lambda}, the consistency of the failure, relative to the consistency of supercompact cardinals, of the following: for all regular filters D on a cardinal lambda, if M_i and N_i are elementarily equivalent models of a language of size <= lambda, then the second player has a winning strategy in the Ehrenfeucht-Fra{i}sse game of length lambda^+ on prod_i M_i/D and prod_i N_i/D . If in addition 2^{lambda}= lambda^+ and i< lambda implies |M_i|+|N_i| <= lambda^+ this means that the ultrapowers are isomorphic.

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