Abstract elementary classes near $\aleph_1$

by Shelah. [Sh:88r]

We prove in ZFC, no psi in L_{omega_1, omega}[mathbf Q] have unique model of uncountable cardinality, this confirms the Baldwin conjecture. But we analyze this in more general terms. We introduce and investigate a.e.c. and also versions of limit models, and prove some basic properties like representation by PC class, for any a.e.c. For PC_{aleph_0}-representable a.e.c. we investigate the conclusion of having not too many non-isomorphic models in aleph_1 and aleph_2, but have to assume 2^{aleph_0} < 2^{aleph_1} and even 2^{aleph_1} < 2^{aleph_2} .

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