Joint papers of Brendle and Shelah

BJSh:477 1993-09-12 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9211202]
Brendle+Judah+Shelah, Combinatorial properties of Hechler forcing -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 58 (1992) 185-199
BnSh:540 1994-06-23 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9407207]
Brendle+Shelah, Evasion and prediction II -- J London Math Soc 53 (1996) 19-27
BnSh:642 1997-10-07 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9710217]
Brendle+Shelah, Ultrafilters on $\omega$ --- their ideals and their cardinal characteristics -- Transactions American Math Soc 351 (1999) 2643-2674
BnSh:762 2001-08-06 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0103153]
Brendle+Shelah, Evasion and prediction IV: Strong forms of constant prediction -- Archive for Math Logic 42 (2003) 349-360
BHKLS:1150 2018-09-02 [pdf] [arXiv:math.LO/1808.02442]
Brendle+Halbeisen+Klausner+Lischka+Shelah, Halfway new cardinal characteristics

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