Joint papers of Cummings and Shelah

CuSh:530 1995-09-04 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9509227]
Cummings+Shelah, A model in which every infinite Boolean algebra has many subalgebras -- J Symbolic Logic 60 (1995) 992-1004
CuSh:541 1995-09-04 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9509228]
Cummings+Shelah, Cardinal invariants above the continuum -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 75 (1995) 251-268
CDSh:571 1995-04-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9504221]
Cummings+Dzamonja+Shelah, A consistency result on weak reflection -- Fundamenta Math 148 (1995) 91-100
CuSh:596 1997-03-23 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/9703219]
Cummings+Shelah, Some independence results on reflection -- J London Math Soc 59 (1999) 37-49
CDMMSh:963 2014-03-26 [pdf] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1403.6795v1]
Cummings+Dzamonja+Magidor+Morgan+Shelah, A framework for forcing constructions at successors of singular cardinals

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