Joint papers of Herden and Shelah

HeSh:929 [abstract]
Herden+Shelah, $\kappa$-fold transitive groups -- Forum Math 22 (2010) 627-640
HeSh:930 [abstract]
Herden+Shelah, An upper cardinal bound on absolute E-rings -- Proc American Math Soc 137 (2009) 2843-2847
Goebel+Herden+Shelah, Skeletons, bodies and generalized $E(R)$-algebras -- J European Math Soc 11 (2009) 845-901
GbHeSh:948 2010-06-21 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Goebel+Herden+Shelah, Absolute $E$-rings -- Advances in Math 226 (2011) 235-253
GbHeSh:970 2011-01-20_1 [pdf] [ps]
Goebel+Herden+Shelah, Prescribing endomorphism rings of $\aleph_n$-free modules
HeSh:1049 [abstract]
Herden+Shelah, On group well represented as automorphic groups of groups
DgHeSh:1091 2016-06-01 [pdf] [ps]
Dugas+Herden+Shelah, An extension of M.C.R. Butler's theorem on endomorphism rings

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