Joint papers of Rubin and Shelah

Rubin+Shelah, On the elementary equivalence of automorphism groups of Boolean algebras; downward Skolem-Lowenheim theorems and compactness of related quantifiers -- J Symbolic Logic 45 (1980) 265-283
Rubin+Shelah, Combinatorial problems on trees: partitions, $\Delta$-systems and large free subtrees -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 33 (1987) 43-81
Rubin+Shelah, On the expressibility hierarchy of Magidor-Malitz quantifiers -- J Symbolic Logic 48 (1983) 542-557
Abraham+Rubin+Shelah, On the consistency of some partition theorems for continuous colorings, and the structure of $\aleph_ 1$-dense real order types -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 29 (1985) 123-206

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