Joint papers of Struengmann and Shelah

GShS:681 2002-07-21 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0404271]
Goebel+Shelah+Struengmann, Generalized $E$-Rings -- Proc Venice Conference on Rings, modules, algebras, and abelian groups (2002); in the series: Lecture Notes in Pure and Appl. Math. (2004) 291--306
ShSm:729 2000-12-06 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0009045]
Shelah+Struengmann, The failure of the uncountable non-commutative Specker Phenomenon -- J Group Theory 4 (2001) 417-426
ShSm:754 2001-10-30 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0012172]
Shelah+Struengmann, It is consistent with ZFC that $B_1$-groups are not $B_2$-groups -- Forum Math 15 (2003) 507-524
ShSm:772 2001-07-11 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0112253]
Shelah+Struengmann, Kulikov's problem on universal torsion-free abelian groups -- J London Math Soc 67 (2003) 626-642
ShSm:773 2002-01-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0107208]
Shelah+Struengmann, Cotorsion theories cogenerated by $\aleph_1$ free Abelian groups -- Rocky Mountain J Math 32 (2002) 1617-1626
GShS:785 2002-01-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0112214]
Goebel+Shelah+Struengmann, Almost-Free $E$-Rings of Cardinality $\aleph_1$ -- Canadian J Math 55 (2003) 750-765
ShSm:803 [abstract]
Shelah+Struengmann, Large Indecomposable Minimal Groups -- Quarterly J Math 60 (2009) 353-365
ShSm:855 2009-11-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0612241]
Shelah+Struengmann, Filtration-equivalent $aleph_1$ separable abelian groups of cardinality $\aleph_1$ -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 161 (2010) 935-943
ShSm:873 2006-09-19 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0609638]
Shelah+Struengmann, A characterization of ${\rm Ext}(G,{\mathbb Z})$ assuming $(V=L)$ -- Fundamenta Math 193 (2007) 141-151 see also 874
ShSm:874 2006-01-11 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/0609637]
Shelah+Struengmann, On the $p$-rank of ${\rm Ext}_{\mathbb Z}(G,{\mathbb Z})$ in certain models of ZFC -- Algebra and Logic 46 (2007) 200-215
ShSm:968 2014-01-20 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1401.5317]
Shelah+Struengmann, On the p-rank of {$\bf Ext(A,B)$} for countable abelian groups $\bf A$ and $\bf B$
ShSm:976 2010-10-22 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Shelah+Struengmann, Kulikov's problem on universal torsion-free abelian groups revisited -- Bulletin London Math Soc 43 (2011) 1198-1204
GbShSm:981 [abstract]
Goebel+Shelah+Struengmann, $\aleph_n$-free Modules over complete discrete valuation domains with small dual -- Glasgow Math J 55 (2013) 369-380

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