Nonstructure theory

(by Saharon Shelah)

Several chapters of Shelah's book "Nonstructure Theory" are now available as pdf files. More files may appear here sooner or later. The list of chapters is not definitive yet -- new chapters may appear, or chapters listed here may be moved or integrated into other publications.

  1. Introduction
  2. I: Existence of Endo-Rigid Boolean Algebras (pdf).
    (This is E58, a revised version of Sh:229.)
  3. II: Kaplansky Test Problem for $R$--Modules in ZFC
    (This is Sh:421.)
  4. III: General Non-structure Theory (pdf)
    (This is E59.)
  5. IV: Black Boxes (pdf)
    (This is Sh:309.)
  6. V: On Spectrum of κ-Resplendent Models (pdf)
    (This is Sh:363.)
  7. VI: A Complicated Family of λ Members of ... (pdf)
    (This is Sh:331.)
  8. VII: Building complicated index models and Boolean Algebras (pdf)
    (This is Sh:511.)
  9. VIII: Constructions with instances of GCH: applying
    (This is E60.)
  10. IX: Constructions with instances of GCH: proving
    (This is E61.)
  11. X: Compact logics in ZFC: Complete embedding of atomless Boolean rings
    (This is Sh:384.)
  12. XI: Compactness in ZFC of the Quantifier on ``Complete embedding of BA's''
    (This is Sh:482.)
  13. Appendix (pdf)
    (This is E62.)

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