Proper and Improper Forcing

... also known as "PIF", is the second edition of the 1982 book "Proper Forcing".

The book has appeared in 1998 in Springer's series "Perspectives in Mathematical Logic", with ISBN 3-540-51700-6. However, Springer's webpage apparently does not know that this book exists, while Amazon informs us that the book is out of print.

The introduction (including a table of contents) is available as a dvi file and Postscript file.

Peter Komjath has written a Review of 'Proper and improper forcing' for the March 2000 issue of the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, which is available as a Postscript file.

We plan to make some corrections and additions available here.

For the moment, there is only one major "typo" to be pointed out: Please ignore section 8 of chapter III (Souslin's and Kurepa's hypothesis). The material there is treated in a better way in section 8 of chapter V.

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