Information for preparation of papers

This page gives information for people who are typesetting a joint paper with Shelah.

The contact address is shlhetal AT math DOT huji DOT ac DOT il.

All these papers are processed electronically in the Shelah's Archive. The public web frontend to this archive can be seen here. This public frontend is not always up to date and does not contain all available files (only the so-called public ones).

You can help the people working on this archive by implementing as many of the following guidelines as possible.

We assume that you use LaTeX or (plain) TeX. If you have or want to use another system (MS word, groff, whatever) then please send us the source file as well as a .ps or .pdf file. Under Windows such a file can be created with the free Adobe Postscript printer driver (just install the driver and print to a file).