People behind Shelah's Archive

In the old days, the "archive" consisted of a simple list that was written and updated by Saharon's typist

Alice Leonhard.

At that time, the actual papers were maintained by his Ph.D. student

Menachem Kojman.

Then as now, the task of maintaining the papers was only incidental - the main activity was of course to co-produce papers with Saharon.

In 1994,

Andrzej Roslanowski,

then a postdoctorate visitor at the Hebrew University, transformed the list into a .bib file, and reorganized Saharon's Jerusalem office, which since then is known as "shlhetal" [= Shelah et al].

Martin Goldstern

started to mirror the files in Rutgers, and developed the programs that create the html version of the list, as well as a few other versions.

In 1996, a new postdoctorate,

Andres Villaveces

took over the Jerusalem office for one year.

In the period 1997-99,

Todd Eisworth,

another postdoc of Saharon, helped to regulate the ever-increasing flood of Saharon's papers.

Since July 1999, the files are kept and processed in Department of Mathematics, UNO. by Andrzej Roslanowski.

The Rutgers side of the Archive continues to be maintained by Martin Goldstern, but it has now physically moved to the Vienna University of Technology. We are grateful to Norbert Preining and Gernot Salzer for the idea and the permission to use the domain

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