bibtex example

This is a very small collection of files that that show how to use bibtex.

If you use plain tex or amstex, get the following files:

If you use any version of latex (latex209, latex2e, amslatex), get the following files:

Look at the files. Then run "tex ppaper" or "latex lpaper". This will create an auxiliary file with requests for bibliography entries.

Run "bibtex ppaper" or "bibtex lpaper". This program will try to satisfy the requests mentioned above by creating a "bbl" file.

Run "tex ppaper" or "latex lpaper" again. And again. Now look at the output.

If you are going to use bibtex on a regular basis, start building your own file "mybib.bib", and add references whenever you need them for a new paper. Also, whenever you publish a paper, add its refernece to mybib.bib.

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