e-mail for "Shelah's Archive"

If you want to write to Shelah's Archive (e.g., to complain about dangling links, missing papers, out-of-date versions, etc, or if you want to be added to our mailing list), please write to this e-mail address:


We prefer receiving e-mail in the text/plain format, not as text/html, and certainly not as a .doc file.

Don't try to "click" the e-mail address above, this will not work. Instead, copy the address into the "To:"-field of your e-mail program.

To make sure that your mail is not accidentally classified as junk mail, please mention the word "omega" (but neither "rolex" nor "cartier") in the subject of your e-mail.

However, if you want to contact the author(s) of a paper (e.g., if you have questions about a theorem or a definition, if you want to point out gaps, errors or missing references, or if you would like to suggest a new problem, or to report the solution of an old one, etc), then please do not write to "Shelah's Archive" -- instead write to the author(s) directly.

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