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Hyperlinked list of Shelah's papers: the 1100's

Prepared on 2020-02-24

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Sh:1100 [abstract]
Shelah, Creature iteration for inaccessibles
Sh:1101 [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1810.12729]
Shelah, Isomorphic limit ultrapowers for infinitary logic
KmSh:1102 [abstract]
Kumar+Shelah, On possible restrictions of the null ideal
HwSh:1103 2017-01-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Mad families and non-meager filters
KmSh:1104 2018-09-11 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Kumar+Shelah, Saturated null and meager ideal -- Transactions American Math Soc 371 (2019) 4475-4491
LrSh:1105 [abstract]
Larson+Shelah, A model of $\mathsf{ZFA}$ with no outer model of $\mathsf{ZFAC}$ with the same pure part -- Archive for Math Logic 57 (2018) 853-859
PaSh:1106 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, The automorphism group of Hall's Universal group -- Proc American Math Soc 146 (2018) 1439-1445
PaSh:1107 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, Automorphism groups of countable stable structures
PaSh:1108 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, The strong small index property for free homogeneous structures
PaSh:1109 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, Reconstructing structures with the strong small index property up to bi-definability
ShSi:1110 [abstract]
Shelah+Spinas, Different cofinalities of tree ideals
Garti+Shelah, Double weakness
PaSh:1112 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, No uncountable Polish group can be a right-angled Artin group -- Axioms Topical Collection ``Topological Groups'' 6(2) (2017) 4
HwSh:1113 [abstract]
Horowitz+Shelah, Madness and regularity properties
ShSr:1114 2017-11-06 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Shelah+Steprans, Trivial and non-trivial automorphisms of $\mathcal{P} (\omega_1)/[\omega_1]^{<\aleph_0}$ -- Fundamenta Math 243 (2018) 155-168
PaSh:1115 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, Polish topologies for graph products of cyclic groups -- Israel J Math 228 (2018) 395-319
CaSh:1116 2019-02-23 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Casanovas+Shelah, Universal theories and compactly expandable models
PaSh:1117 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, Group metrics for graph products of cyclic groups -- Topology and its Applications 232 (2017) 281-287
KpRaSh:1118 [abstract]
Kaplan+Ramsey+Shelah, Local character of Kim-independence -- Proc AMS 147(4) (2019) 1719-1732
ShVe:1119 2018-02-04 [pdf] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1702.08281]
Shelah+Vasey, Abstract elementary classes stable in $\aleph_0$ -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 169 (2018) 565-587
GsSh:1120 [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1708.02719]
Golshani+Shelah, Specializing trees and answer to a question of Williams
PaSh:1121 [abstract]
Paolini+Shelah, Polish topologies for graph products of groups
GoKeSh:1122 2019-05-30 [pdf] [ps] [arXiv:1708.03691]
Goldstern+Kellner+Shelah, Cicho\'n's Maximum -- Annals Math 190 (2019) 113-143
ShVr:1123 [abstract]
Shelah+Verner, Ramsey partitions of metric spaces
MiSh:1124 2019-01-02 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1709.04899]
Malliaris+Shelah, A new look at interpretability and saturation -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic 170 (2019) 642-671
GsSh:1125 [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1709.06249]
Golshani+Shelah, On $C^s_n(\kappa)$ and the Juhasz-Kunen question
Sh:1126 2018-04-11 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Shelah, Corrected Iteration
DwSh:1127 2017-10-09 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Dow+Shelah, On the cofinality of the splitting number -- Indagationes Math 29(I) (2018) 382-395
GaSh:1128 [abstract] [arXiv:1804.05304]
Garti+Shelah, Length and Depth
KLRSSV:1129 2017-12-31 [pdf] [abstract] []
Komjath+Leader+Russell+Shelah+Soukup+Vidnyanszky, Infinite monochromatic sumsets for colourings of the reals -- Proc American Math Association 147 (2019) 2673-2684
Larson+Shelah, An Extendable structure with a rigid elementary extension
KeShTa:1131 2017-12-03 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:1712.00778]
Kellner+Shelah+Tanasie, Another ordering of the ten cardinal characteristics in Cicho\'n's Diagram -- Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 60 (2019) 61-95
SvSh:1132 [abstract] [arXiv:math.LO/1712.06198]
Saveliev+Shelah, Ultrafilter extensions do not preserve elementary equivalence
PlSh:1133 2018-04-18 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Palacin+Shelah, On the class of flat stable theories -- Annals Pure and Applied Logic. 169 (2018) 835-849
DwSh:1134 [abstract]
Dow+Shelah, Pseudo $P$-points and splitting number -- Archive for Math Logic online first (2019)
RaSh:1135 2018-01-29 [pdf] [abstract] [arXiv:1801.09369]
Raghavan+Shelah, Two results on cardinal invariants at uncountable cardinals -- Proc Asian Logic Conferences (ALC2015) (2019) 129-138
KmSh:1136 2018-02-03 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] []
Kumar+Shelah, On some variants of the club principle
FiSh:1137 [abstract]
Fischer+Shelah, The spectrum of independence -- Archive for Math Logic published on-line (2019) 8 pps.
RoSh:1138 2018-06-16 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:1806.06283]
Roslanowski+Shelah, Borel sets without perfectly many overlapping translations -- Reports on Math Logic 54 (2019) 3-43
BrSh:1139 2018-10-24 [pdf] [abstract]
Bartoszynski+Shelah, A note on small sets of reals
MiSh:1140 [abstract] [arXiv:arXiv:1804.03254]
Malliaris+Shelah, An example of a new simple theory
ShUl:1141 2018-04-25 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:arXiv:1804.08152]
Shelah+Ulrich, Torsion-free abelian groups are consistently $a\Delta\frac{1}{2}$-complete
CrSh:1142 [abstract] [arXiv:1804.05538]
Corson+Shelah, Deeply concatenable subgroups might never be free
GaSh:1143 2018-06-14 [pdf] [ps] [abstract] [arXiv:arXiv:1806.09286]
Garti+Shelah, Dear Lambda
BhGoSh:1144 2018-09-18 [pdf]
Baumhauer+Goldstern+Shelah, The higher Cichon diagram
Horowitz+Shelah, $\kappa$ Madness and Definability
MhSh:1146 2019-02-13 [pdf] [abstract] [arXiv:arXiv:1806.04917]
Mohsenipour+Shelah, On finitary Hindman's numbers
BlSh:1147 2018-11-01 [pdf]
Baldwin+Shelah, Maximal models up to the first measurable in ZFC
Paolini+Shelah, On a cardinal invariant related to the Haar measure problem
Malliaris+Shelah, A separation theorem for simple theories
BHKLS:1150 2018-09-02 [pdf] [arXiv:math.LO/1808.02442]
Brendle+Halbeisen+Klausner+Lischka+Shelah, Halfway new cardinal characteristics
Shelah, Divide and Conquer: Dividing lines on universality
Horowitz+Shelah, On the definability of mad families of vector spaces
Kubis+Shelah, Homogeneous structures with Non-universal automorphism groups
MdSh:1154 2019-03-05 [pdf] [ps] [arXiv:1802.07986]
Mildenberger+Shelah, A version of $\kappa$-Miller forcing
Paolini+Shelah, Some results on Polish groups
GaGiSh:1156 2018-12-13 [pdf] [ps] [arXiv:math.LO/1812.05291]
Garti+Gitik+Shelah, Cardinal characteristics at aleph omega
Bergfalk+Hrusak+Shelah, Ramsey theory for highly connected monochromatic subgraphs
Shelah, Mutual stationarity and singular Jonsson cardinals
Shelah, On $\mathfrak d\/_\mu$ for $\mu$ singular
Raghavan+Shelah, A small ultrafilter number at smaller cardinals
Komjath+Shelah, Universal graphs omitting finitely many finite graphs -- Discrete Math 342 (2019) 4 pages
Shelah, No universal in singular
Sh:1163 2019-07-24 [pdf] [ps] [arXiv:math.LO/1910.02419]
Shelah, Colouring of successor of regular again
Shelah, Universality: new criterion for non-existence
GaMgSh:1165 [arXiv:math.LO/1907.03254]
Garti+Magidor+Shelah, Infinite monochromatic paths and a theorem of Erd\"{o}s-Hajnal-Rado
GoKeMeSh:1166 2019-04-04_1 [pdf] [ps]
Goldstern+Kellner+Mejia-Guzman+Shelah, Controlling cardinal characteristics without adding reals
MiSh:1167 [arXiv:math.LO/1906.10241]
Malliaris+Shelah, Keisler's order is not simple (and simple theories may not be either)
Horowitz+Shelah, On the non-existence of $\kappa$-mad families
CrSh:1169 [arXiv:1906.10481]
Corson+Shelah, Strongly bounded groups of various cardinalities
RoSh:1170 2019-09-03 [pdf] [ps] [abstract]
Roslanowski+Shelah, Borel sets without perfectly many overlapping translations II
DgHeSh:1171 2019-08-11 [pdf] [ps] [arXiv:math.LO/1909.00595]
Dugas+Herden+Shelah, $\aleph_k$-Free cogenerators
Kaplan+Ramsey+Shelah, Criteria for exact saturation and singular compactness
Hrusak+Mill+Ramos-Garcia+Shelah, Countably compact groups without non-trivial convergent sequences
Sh:1174 2019-11-13 [pdf] [ps]
Shelah, More forcing for no ultrafilters
Shelah, Canonical universal locally finite groups
Shelah, Partition theorems for expanded trees
GoKeMeSh:1177 2019-06-15 [pdf] [ps] [arXiv:1906.06608]
Goldstern+Kellner+Mejia-Guzman+Shelah, Cicho\'n's maximum without large cardinals
Kaplan+Shelah+Segel, Boolean types in dependent theories
Shelah+Villaveces, Infinitary logics and A.E.C.
RoSh:1180 [abstract]
Roslanowski+Shelah, Borel sets without perfectly many overlapping translations, III
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